After far too many years I’ve completed my bachelor’s degree. I outline why earning my degree took so long in another post. I took two classes my final semester, Intelligent User Interfaces and Digital Image Processing.

Both classes were graduate level courses that admitted undergraduate students, so each required a significant level of work. I did a lot of reading, writing, programming, and calculus to complete both classes. This much school work, my day job, and being a husband and father consumed all my time. My iOS development work got short shrift during this last semester.

Intelligent User Interfaces

For the Intelligent User Interfaces class I read over 40 academic papers on various aspects of intelligent user interfaces. Plus I wrote two papers, a highly structured midterm assignment and a final project paper where I proposed an intelligent user interface for an application that assists compliance with brand style guidelines. This was a good class; I learned a lot and enjoyed the class discussions.

Digital Image Processing

The Digital Image Processing class was even more challenging. It was heavy on theory, going in-depth on the mathematics involved. I took my calculus classes many years ago, so I was a bit rusty, and had to relearn integration to understand this class. This course also had plenty of work, including two tests, three small projects, four homework assignments, and a final project.

That final project was a team project. Working with two classmates, we simulated tomography by breaking down an image into a series of one dimensional projections at multiple rotations, then reconstructing the image using filtered back projections. I took the role of project manager, integrating the code my classmates wrote into the final project. The code compiles and works on Mac OS X, but my classmates didn’t get the final program to work on their Windows computers. Even if you’re using another OS, you can see some example images, our final presentation, and read the code if you download the files.

Commencement Ceremony

Participating in the commencement ceremony was more satisfying than I expected. For the most part I was just another member of the crowd of graduates, but I was mentioned in the chancellor’s speech for the longevity of my undergraduate career at UWM.