I’m a developer of apps for Apple® iOS® devices at CI Design Inc. I work on many apps for CI’s corporate clients. Most of those apps are designed to highlight the clients’ products. Additionally I have some apps of my own available on Apple’s App Store and showcased on this website.

My first app, Nora’s Bubbles, is a simple entertainment for my four-year-old daughter. My goal with that app wasn’t so much to showcase any great programming skill, but more to work through the learning curve of writing applications for the App Store.

My second app was a timer utility to manage a tiny part of my workday. My intention with that app was to scratch a particular itch I had, implementing a timer that works in conjunction with the built in calendar, allowing older, non-multitasking iOS devices to handle short-term alarms and use other apps. That app is no longer relevant to me or the iOS market, so I’ve removed the app from Apple’s App Store.

I won’t be talking much about the apps I work on for CI until they are published. All I’ll say at this point is that I have four different apps in development in mid July 2011.